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Since its foundation, our firm has been recognized as one of the most important law firms in Costa Rica, noted for its personalized, ethical and highly efficient service

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LLM Abogados carries out business in its new offices located in a building with an attractive appearance and location in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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Corporate and Commercial Law, Banking and Finance, Civil and Notarials, Real Estate...

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About Us

LLM ABOGADOS was founded in 1966, by Luis Demetrio Tinoco Castro (1905-1986), Manuel Emilio Rodriguez Echeverria (1930-2000), Luis Rafael Tinoco Alvarado, Alonso Jose Lara Tomas (1940-2013), Franklin Matamoros Calderon (1940 -2020) and Arnoldo Lopez Echandi.

Since its foundation, it has been characterized as one of the most prestigious law firms in Costa Rica, standing out for providing a personalized, ethical and highly efficient service in multiple branches of Law and Notaries.

Both the founders, members and other associates have been distinguished with designations to high government positions, Judiciary, State Institutions, Diplomatic Corps, as well as their designation to relevant international positions.

The Firm carries out its activity on its offices, located in San Rafael de Escazu, San Jose.